Financing options for Municipal, County and State Government Agencies.

We are proud to have partnered with First Government Lease Company to be able to provide to our government customers financing options to get you the equipment you need, when you need it. Since 1992 First Government Lease Co. has been helping municipal entities help themselves by providing Lease To Own Financing so that they may afford much needed used or new equipment.

First Government Lease Co. is the largest company specializing in municipal lease financing. With direct funding capabilities, they can offer extremely competitive interest rates, with standard lease terms, and payment modes structured to meet your needs.

ALL GOVERNMENTAL UNITS: Federal, State, City, County, Township, School Districts, Agencies and Volunteer Fire Departments are eligible!

Unique Features;

·       No Down Payment

·       No Fees

·       No Closing Costs

·       One-Page Lease

·       Immediate Approval

This program is available to governmental units and volunteer fire departments.

You can have up to a 7-year lease, with no prepayment penalty of additional costs, such as fees, down payments or closing costs. When the lease is paid, the equipment is yours.

Approvals usually within 24 hours!

Some of the benefits of this program are:

·       Ability to obtain vehicles when you need them, not just certain times of the fiscal year

·       Roll the cost of the vehicle and equipment into one payment

·       Flexible payment schedule

·       Up to 100% financing of vehicles with our upfit packages

Contact us today for more information and how to take advantage of our Financing Program at Midwest911!